Here are some examples of what we do, and what we won't do!

what we do

We like to make websites that are colourful and informative through use of a balance of text and images, and just enough styles and scripts to make everything work beautifully. Whilst a picture may be worth a thousand words, the words consume a lot less bandwidth and give much more SEO benefit, so in order to keep our websites fast, we like smaller pictures that are relevant and engaging, and not too fussy to work on a small screen.

Here are a few of the websites we have authored (scrollable):

what we won't do

We won't load up your website with gratuitous or unneeded HTML, images, scripts, or styles. We won't send your users off all over the web to grab stuff that makes almost no difference to the look of your website at the expense of their own user experience.

The following examples are of web pages that are supposedly mobile friendly, although some are more suited to movie theatre screens than mobile phones. They are tested using Google's PageSpeed Insights, and GTMetrix, an evaluation tool which uses both PageSpeed and Yahoo's Yslow. Performance criteria weightings can be changed in PageSpeed, so the GTMetrix scores are generally higher.

  1. We made a copy of a typical small business web page which had been made with free software provided by the site's hosting service; the copy looked identical and had the same functionality as the original.
  2. This website was provided by a south-west media company on behalf of a regional organisation. The home page loads over sixteen thousand lines of code (the one you have just left has 300). "Form over Function" at its worst.
  3. Couldn't resist this one! Recent website for a South-Western tourism group featuring gratuitous (lengthy) background video.
  4. South-west winery using video background and a popular foreign design and hosting platform (in New York).
  5. Home page of a major south-west media company.
  6. Home page of a recent small business client of (5).
Example Google Scores GTMetrix
Mobile Desktop PageSpeed YSlow Load Time* Page Size* Server
 1 Original 58 63 D 67 C 72 3.1 sec 798 kB 23
MM Copy 100 100 A 100 A 97 1.8 sec 74 kB 4
 2  20 24 F 46 D 65 10.5 sec 5.0 MB 119
 3  4 27 C 75 C 70 10.4 sec 41.2 MB 111
 4  7 57 E 51 C 70 24.3 sec 14.6 MB 160
 5  33 45 D 67 E 53 15.1 sec 2.8 MB 124
 6  28 37 C 71 E 59 6.3 sec 3.8 MB 42
NB: Load times vary; these tests were all made consecutively.
The GTMetrix server is in Canada; better load times may be possible locally.
* Doesn't include video.

other "stuff"

CMS - content management systems

CMS was hot in the "noughties" because it promised website owners control over their sites to make changes and updates as they pleased. Sadly, it seldom delivers; many people expecting to "take control" of their web sites never do, because getting to know your way around a CMS can be daunting for some. You also need reasonable skills for manipulating images with something like Photoshop, to get it all right. Consequently, many CMS web sites become out of date and tired, or they lose appeal with accumulated spelling, grammatical and formatting errors unnoticed by their authors, and pictures which are distorted or take far too long to load.

CMS was around long before web browsers appeared on mobile phones, and whilst it has struggled to keep up, it is only going to bog your website down. We will happily provide simple short-cuts if you only want to be able to update smaller parts of your web site (eg a pricelist, menu, calendar or PDF newsletter). Otherwise it will be easier and cheaper in the long run to entrust your updates to Mumby Media (and proof reading is built-in!)

video and sounds

Video is great on the web, but consumes a humungous amount of bandwidth; we don't think it should EVER load without a user requesting to see it (see examples 3 and 4 above). It is better embedded in it's own page, or just accessed by a link to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Sound consumes less bandwidth than video, but should still be used with caution, especially music.

A few years back we found ourselves in a situation where someone was in a jam because a video project (for which a sponsor had already paid) was unable to be finished. It was something we hadn't seriously tried before but we offered to give it a go, and after a lot of extra filming and late night editing we came up with a promo for the Mainpeak Collie Adventure Race. We were pretty pleased with the outcome (as was the client), considering that the whole thing was shot on a shoestring budget by people (including ourselves) using camcorders, none of us with any professional experience of this sort of thing.

This and some later videos are on our YouTube channel. Collectively, they show that we are fairly versatile and could probably be persuaded to do more of the same again, or just about anything else, for that matter!