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We make small business websites that are fast, mobile-friendly, functional and affordable.

fast, mobile friendly websites

Size really does matter. These days, over 50% of web traffic is on mobile phones, and many mobile phone users won't wait more than a couple of seconds for a page to load. Why then do mainstream media companies still churn out websites designed for desktops, ponderously slow because they are weighed down with clumsy software-generated code and unnecessary stuff collected from all over the place?

A Mumby Media website is written in native HTML to ensure there is no unnecessary code, scripts, styling or server trips; it's designed to look good on a mobile phone, a desktop, or anything in between, and is guaranteed to leave the competition in the dust. Click or touch for a spin around the block!


search engine friendly websites


Your snazzy new website is useless if you are the only one who can find it; the way it looks to a Googlebot (or any other web spider) is equally important to the way it looks on screen. If they crawl your site and can't find anything to like, it may as well be junk.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been around for a while but is little more than a buzzword to many who glibly promise it; very few deliver it.

Mumby Media understands SEO and builds it into every website by design, not as an afterthought or extra-cost option. If you want your website to be seen, you have to get serious about SEO.

peace of mind

secure websites

Chrome and Firefox have already started to display warnings on unsecured (http) web pages requesting personal information; other major browsers will follow. Nothing is more calculated to make customers abandon your logins, forms and shopping trolleys. A half-decent hosting provider will secure all of your site, and Mumby Media will make sure of it.

compatible websites


Of course we'll check to see that your pages look great on all of the major browsers out there, and verify W3C compliance to ensure that they render faithfully on the others, too.

We won't load them up with legacy code to make them work with Windows 95 or Netscape!

affordable websites

Mumbles Boutique Stays

We charge by the hour (not much), so if you have a good idea of what you want, everything can happen very quickly (and you can have a romantic getaway or three with the money you'll save).

We love what we do and we love a challenge, so if something on your site requires a bit of learning on our part, you won't be charged for that.

But I can get a free website! Of course you can. You can have a template shared by thousands of other people, thousands of lines of clumsy software-generated code, hundreds of wasted server calls for stuff your site doesn't need (or even use), huge image files, no SEO (or negative SEO), your email address distributed to spammers and fraudsters, and in many cases, foreign hosting. It may be mobile-friendly and it will probably look great (which is a shame if no-one can find it). It's well worth the money.