some examples

Here are a few of the websites we have authored:

Glen Mervyn Lodge website

The Glen Mervyn Lodge website is a representative small business website of only six main pages, built for an accommodation business just up the road from us. It incorporates an email messaging form, "click to call" phone link, "lightbox" style gallery and separately-hosted but site-integrated booking form.

Google PageSpeed: Mobile 100 Desktop 100

Donnybrook Regional Tourism Association website

A website for the Donnybrook Regional Tourism Association was a freebie, not entirely altruistic but partly driven out of frustration at the inability of similar sites to deliver real benefits to local tourism in a fair way. It features hard coded links on the home page to all of the DRTA member's sites, which are unobtrusive but followable by search engine bots. Directory pages are dynamically loaded with entries in random alphabetic order, so that a different business is at the top of the list every time. Each directory entry has its own photo, map, "click to call" phone links, and website, social media and email links. The site is designed to drive business directly to Member's web sites; not to intercept it and skim commissions along the way, so there are no "book now" buttons anywhere.

Google PageSpeed: Mobile 100 Desktop 100

Mumbles website

Our sister site for "Mumbles" accommodation is built on the same template as this one; both have a rotating slideshow on the home page which is extremely lightweight (about 5% compared to the packaged script bundle commonly used by mainstream media companies).

Our "Mumbles" site also has a pane for guest testimonials, which loads randomly with each page.

Google PageSpeed: Mobile 100 Desktop 100

Nautical History website

Nauticalhistory.net was built for a maritime historian who spends much of his time giving enrichment lectures on Princess' cruise ships; a cruise ship motif for the site-wide menu and animated waves seemed highly appropriate!

The site appeared on page 1 of a Google search for "Maritime Historian Brisbane" within two weeks of the first draft being published (which was only faintly embarrassing).

Google PageSpeed: Mobile 100 Desktop 100

Bryanna Management Services website

Bryanna Management Services website was a replacement for one that wasn't performing in search engine results pages. The makeover included modernisation, full SEO treatment, and improved mobile-friendliness.

An overall 70% size reduction was achieved despite addition of an eye-catching "where would you rather be?" slideshow for this motel relief management business.

Google PageSpeed: Mobile 99 Desktop 99

Griffin Coal website

Our sentimental favourite! The Griffin Coal website was our first, started when Colin was an employee of the company in the late 90's. The site became very popular because it was pitched at a wide audience; it had general interest sections for families, resources for students and their teachers, and interactive games and puzzles for kids. A secured area was provided for customers.

The site featured a driveable "coal train" drop-down menu, and a short animation on the home page. It was replaced by one of those dreary corporate things just after Colin left, and just before the company went bust (no credit claimed).