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A bit of fun and a few blogs! You have stumbled into the domain of Rita and Colin Patterson, enjoying their sea-change on the coast near Perth, Western Australia. This came about from the realisation that most of our friends seem to be looking a lot older these days, and it would probably be easier for them to find us on a 500 square metre block near the city than one nearly 400 times as big out in the sticks.

We still make some beautiful skin care products, and do the odd bit of web site design. If that sounds too boring or you are really not all that interested in bit of fun and some miscellaneous blog, press the "Back" button now.

ship blogs

Sorry, we find older, smaller ships more appealing but they tend to get retired soon after we travel on them (hopefully that is a coincidence). These four are still going...

Suggest you visit Nauticalhistory.net (one of our creations) for news, cruise blogs, and comprehensive port notes; he doesn't review ships because he works on them.

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