Whale Tale

Southern Right Whale

This is the head of a southern right whale, photographed from a small boat in King George Sound, near Albany, Western Australia. These whales are baleen whales; they have no teeth and are filter feeders. They were apparently called "right" whales because they were easy to kill (no wonder) and floated dead.

This was one of two which entertained us with a few breaches and tail slaps, before coming in for a closer look at our stationary boat (we knew the rules; they didn't). All on the boat could see this huge animal looking us over, and could feel its warm breath. Blind Freddie could see that it was intelligent, inquisitive and harmless.

There are still people in the world who would want to make a few bucks by putting a grenade in its guts, committing it to a death of unbelievable cruelty. Now doesn't that make us feel proud?