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Coalescence Geoscience provides consulting and contracting expertise in the field of coal geology and coal science. Colin Patterson has over 40 years experience in the coal industry, both above and below ground, in roles involving exploration and mine geology up to management level, having worked and had responsibility for geological activities in the Sydney Basin (Hunter Valley, Western and South Western Coalfields), Queensland's Galilee, Bowen and Moreton Basins, Victoria's Gippland Basin, Tasmania's Fingal Basin, and Western Australia's Collie Basin.

Open Cut Mining

Apart from gaining understanding of a wide variety of coal types, exploration and mining environments, Colin has gained useful insight into coal preparation practices and the problems encountered in coal processing and utilisation, particularly in relation to Collie Coal, where his attention has been focussed in the latter part of his career. Colin made the mistake of so many who have come to the West, in thinking that low rank coal was just coal that wasn't worth as much as real coal. Having got to know the stuff and the people who use it, in processes ranging from PF power stations through ilmenite reduction kilns to the occasional steam locomotive, he quickly realised that in many respects it doesn't fit the models pre-conceived for higher rank (ie Eastern States) coals; in many ways it is better to think of it as something completely different.

Colin's stint as Customer Services Superintendent at Griffin Coal was an eye-opener in terms of the unique problems faced by users of lower rank coal, and led to his development of in-house and customer training seminars based on coal sampling, quality and utilisation, from the perspective of both producer and consumer. He also instituted a Quality Assurance system to close the gap between management, production employees and customers, putting Griffin in the vanguard of mining companies to achieve ISO9002 certification.

Colin left Griffin in 2007 looking for different fields of endeavour; these have also been explored but the coal industry experience remains for others to tap into when the need arises. Although professional affiliations have now lapsed, Colin has at various times been a full member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, the Geological Society of Australia, the Quality Society of Australia and the Australian Coal Preparation Society.

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