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web design

Need a web site that's crammed with gee-whiz graphics, has five levels of menus, is impossible or expensive to keep up to date and is slower than a wet week? Sorry, can't help.

If you'd like a web site that is attractive, fast and functional, look no further; we've been putting together great web pages for years.

Because we live in the country and have not had access to a fast Internet connection ourselves, we appreciate the value of web sites that are concise in the delivery of information, and aren't weighed down with gratuitous animations and graphics. This is also important if you want to reach people using internet phones and other mobile devices.

You won't find any Front Page templates or unwieldy machine generated code, because we don't use any; every page is a hand-tooled original.

Have a look at some web sites we have authored or resurrected:

Mumbles Boutique Stays (a sister site to this one)
Namastey Lavender Farm
Vintage Weddings and Tours

Sadly, a site authored and maintained for Griffin Coal (by Colin as an employee) was withdrawn and eventually replaced by one of those dreary sites that don't contain anything worth updating anyway. This is what Jim Heath at Viacorp had to say about the original site (reproduced with his permission on the understanding it is not to be associated with its replacement):

"27 Oct 2006: This must be how an astronomer feels who calculates that a planet must be there, and finally spots it -- at last, the elusive website has been spotted that's useful, fun, easy to navigate, tells you what you want to know in plain English, and all the rest. Griffin Coal. A coal company, no less!

"They have catered for everyone, including school kids. It's clearly written, wide-ranging, easy to find your way around, fun, has the information you want, and on and on. If a coal company can do this -- and everything else that makes a top website -- why can't other companies? "

The original Griffin Coal web site was also selected for inclusion at WhereonEarthRU, a site which featured a "clickable atlas" - links to interesting web sites by location, arranged on a world map (sadly, also defunct).

We offer a complete service including text, photography and authoring, and will help you with domain name registration and hosting if needed. Costly? Far from it; the sites linked above cost between $500 and $1800 each (not including domain name registration or hosting). We will also resurrect your defunct web site if you so wish!

W3c CSS ValidationW3c ValidationThe WC3 symbols on the home page of a Mumby-authored site are your assurance that each page has been validated to comply with W3C Standards, for consistent rendering on all standards-compliant browsers.

content management systems

The content management system (CMS) has been around for a while and we will build one into your site if you want one badly enough. We say that because it is likely to significantly increase the cost of your web site and many people expecting to "take control" of their web sites never do, because getting to know your way around a CMS can be daunting for some. You also need reasonable skills for manipulating images with something like Photoshop, to get it all right.

Consequently, many CMS web sites become out of date and tired, or they lose appeal with accumulated spelling, grammatical and formatting errors unnoticed by their authors, and pictures which are distorted or take far too long to load.

We will happily provide simple short-cuts if you only want to be able to update smaller parts of your web site (eg a pricelist, calendar or PDF newsletter). Otherwise it will be easier and cheaper in the long run to entrust your updates to Mumby Media (and proof reading is built-in!)



A few years back we found ourselves in a situation where someone was in a jam because a video project (for which a sponsor had already paid) was unable to be finished. It was something we hadn't seriously tried before but we offered to give it a go, and after a lot of extra filming and late night editing we came up with a promo for the Mainpeak Collie Adventure Race. We were pretty pleased with the outcome (as was the client), considering that the whole thing was shot on a shoestring budget by people (including ourselves) using camcorders, none of us with any professional experience of this sort of thing.

This and some later videos are on our You Tube channel, which is the target of the link at right. Collectively, they show that we are fairly versatile and could probably be persuaded to do more of the same again again, or just about anything else, for that matter!

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